Fastest Video for dell vostro 200 (NO Power needed)

A few years ago I gave my neice a dell vostro 200 For Christmas this year I want to add some memory and a video card what is the best gaming card that DOES NOT require external power there is no room for a bigger PS in this case

I was thinking 6750 6670 or Gt 240
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  1. That computer has a 300W PSU, so that's going to restrict you quite a bit. I don't have any recommendations for a low power GPU, but I would recommend adding some memory to that computer. The spec sheet I saw listed that it has only 1GB of memory. That is going to cripple performance and make the computer extremely unpleasant to use.

    Since it's DDR2, you're going to get gouged a bit on the upgrade, but you really want a minimum of 4GB of memory.
  2. I already have a 4g kit for it just need a video card that will fit and work with the limited power it has
  3. The 7750 is the fastest card that does not require external power.

    It uses less power than the 6670 DDR5 and slightly more than the DDR3 model which are the only other cards I would suggest.
  4. belezeebub said:
    there is no room for a bigger PS in this case

    Not really an issue if you're ready to buy a power supply unit. There are always choices. Like this one, just 10x8x3 inches:

    Another one, even smaller:
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