Build advice for video editing/motion graphics machine.

Longtime Mac user thinking about coming back to Windows as I'm not tied to OSX anymore. Not much of a gamer, so this will be exclusively used for video editing, motion graphics, and rendering. I also considered a Xeon build, but believe I can get more for my money with the i7.

(note: the Quadro 5000 listed in the parts list is just a placeholder for the newer K5000 which is not an option yet on the system configurator. I chose because of similar pricing.)

Budget is between $3000-$4000.

Am I good with the Noctua, or should I look into water cooling?
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  1. Looks good,the noctua is fine.
    Asus Pro boards are better value, but I don't think that bothers you.
  2. country of origin? need monitor+windows?
  3. ah, forgot to check this thread after it didn't get any traction for a little while. Thanks for all of the advice.

    I'll look into the Pro board.

    Case doesn't have to be white, just thought it looked interesting. I'd actually prefer something much less flashy all around when it comes to a case. I'm not much into the showing off my build thing. The Silverstone TJ07 case looks pretty impressive. A bit pricey though.

    As to the other questions, no monitors or any other accessories needed.

    Changed the PSU to a 660W 80+ Plat. SeaSonic makes AMAZING power supplies and I can recommend it.
  5. nice stuff
  6. Seagate barracuda is 3TB.
    Bitfenix colossus has more oomph at that price

    Otherwise your good.
  7. looks good.
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