My computer doesn't turn on anymore?

Hey I recently purchased a computer about a year ago, I built it myself, but I took it to school and it was working perfectly fine. All of a sudden the computer won't turn on anymore and I am wondering if I have burnt the mother board? So basically, I was moving my desk around and stuff, and I turned off my computer then pulled the plug, I might have pulled the plug out of the wall a little too soon, but that was my first time ever if so, then it wouldnt turn on from then on.

Would i need to buy me a new mother board?
And if the mother board did burn out, do i need a new graphic card and processor as well/?
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  1. When you turn on the computer - does anything (fans, hard drives, LEDs, etc) turn on? If not, it could be the power supply.
  2. If nothing comes on (no lights, no screen, no fans) then it is certainly a problem with either the motherboard, CPU, of power supply, as otherwise something should come on even if it turns back off. If the system does come on even briefly then you're actually gonna have a lot more troubleshooting because almost any component could be responsible for it shutting back off. You'll probably need access to another rig to test some stuff. First things first, you'll want to see if the PSU is to blame or not. Safest option is to get a PSU tester. If not, you'll have to either get a new PSU and see if that works, or try out your PSU on another system you know is working. The risk in using your power supply is that if it is bad but still able to carry some kind of charge you could end up damaging the system you hook it up to. Either way, the first think you have to do is figure out if the power supply is the source of your problem.
  3. well I took it to the computer shop to check the PSU and he said he took out the PSU and it worked fine on the computer. I'm not sure what it could be sigh*. I'm guessing I should just buy a new motherboard? Also when I have the computer plugged into the wall, the powersupply blinks red I think or green I can't remember but its a slower kind of blink.
  4. Okay sounds good im going to check it out tonight! Thanks for the help guys
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