Good PC without a GPU included? $1500 maximum budget


Hey all, I'm extremely unskilled in finding CPU prebuilts for a (Fair) price, While randomly browsing ibuypower and Cyberpower (Just discovered them)and started wondering if you guys could recommend me parts based on my preferences?

Note: I already own a twin Frozr 560ti 2gb, So this won't be as high of a priority to replace as the processor, i think.

I am not interested in building my own, Let's pretend i am a physical manifestation of static electricity that computer parts (But not keyboards) explode the minute they touch me, so i need a prebuilt.

So i was wondering if there was a pre-built out there that could really work for me.

I'd appreciate if you guys could help me realize my dream and/or slap me into reality, the pure intent is an -AMAZING- gaming comp. (I know the 560 is not the greatest, by any stretch, but i'd still rather have the better processor with it, since my current one sucks, and i save some dough for later)

Massive props to whoever helps me out on this, Thanks in advance.

Budget: $1500 (Doesn't have to max it out or go near it, if results for a cheaper (Pricewise, not buildwise) build would be the same in quality overall, then by all means)
Preferably i7 intel processor quad (Hex if the price difference still fits the budget) (Aint no kill like overkill.) and 16gb of ram (Overmurder more like.) (Already got the GPU)
The main priority of the system is smooth, near_flawless gaming on maximum. With AA and anistropic (With few exceptions that only need minor changes to fix)
Doesn't go through much strain, Longetivity per price unit
Preferably a motherboard that is capable of SLI, incase i feel like giving that a go. Though if the budget is exceeded due to this, i'd settle for a single card compatible.
I don't know how the other parts play into everything, But i'd like well recieved, not cheap high chance of defection items.
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  1. Sorry for the double post, but i forgot to mention i game at 1920x1080 resolution (Kind of a key piece of info to miss out. Sorry.)
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