Okay. I built my PC about a hear ago and it has worked flawlessly with the exceptions of a power supply that went bad and was replaced and a few blond moments on my part. Today I go to turn it on and notice nothing happened. I tried cycling the power button and nothing. Toggled the power at the back of the PSU and the lights and fans came on but shut down before it posted. Pulled the machine apart and tried the PSU BH itself and it stayed on as long as i had the leads connected. If anyone could help me figure out what is going it would be much appreciated. My system is:

Amd fx-4100 oc to 4.0 GHz
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
16 GB ram
MSI gtx 560ti 2gb
Some ssd I can't remember the name of
And an xfx 850 psu
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  1. The xfx psu did work correct? You replaced the bad psu with this one and life was good but now it won't boot.

    I'd start by removing the graphics card and all the RAM except for one stick and trying to boot. If that doesn't work use a different RAM stick and try to boot.
  2. Sounds like the new power supply has gone bad, it does happen. Test by substituting another power supply. The second most likely cause unfortunately is that the motherboard has gone bad, but before you change it remove everything that is not necessary to boot to the BIOS including all drives USB devices etc Then try substituting the graphics card memory etc. I hope that you are lucky. :(
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