Graphics Card Fan Not Working

My Sparkle Gtx 550 Ti graphics card fan stopped working while computer on the graphics card will overheat then crash and while crashed the fan on the card will start up again any way to get the fan working again while computer is on?
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  1. have you tried using a third party program to make the fan work, if not, try msi afterburner or evga precision.
  2. i have evga precision running but cranking the fan speed up does nothing.
  3. Your first mistake was buying Sparkle. Sorry, my opinion, worth every cent you paid for it.

    Fans die. Sparkle doesn’t put a great deal of attention into small stuff like fan life cycles. It’s probably burnt out. What Dnx means is that you should by a new fan from another manufacturer and replace it yourself. Barring that, RMA it back to Sparkle and let them (pay them to) fix it.
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