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my GT430 runs oblivion with settings on high and TOPS at 60fps - using i5-3250K - 8Gb ram . I tried overclocking with EVGA but upping figures by more than 50 I was getting video break-up. I'd like a more up to date video card but cant affford to spend to many UK £s. Wondered if it was worth getting an HD6670 1Gb DDR5 as Amazon is selling at a price I can just about justify to my other half! Input would be appreciated.
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  1. Should have said - run video at 1920x1080
  2. Wait. there is not cpu called a 3250K.. there is a 3570K .. but all the i3's have the numeral 32**... Anyways... I would move up to a newer card. the 6670 really isn't a upgrade from what you have..

    Something like a GT 630/640 or a 7750 would be better
  3. HD 6670 is stronger than GT 630 and GT 640 has very similar performance to HD 6670.
  4. finger trouble !!! i5-3570K
  5. Allow me to propose a strategy:

    1. Tell her she's not your boss ;-)

    2. Buy a GTX660.

    I know how you feel - my girlfriend moans about hardware expenditure, and then goes and buys dresses and jewellery. You're really doing her a favour though - you might end up feeling resentful towards her when you can't game at good settings... and that's no good for anyone :-D
  6. sam! I dont think tha'll work as we are both on pension and I have already spent over £500 building new desktop this year - just wanted a new GPU to bring it up to more modern specs.
  7. Well maybe move up to a 7750? Not sure if it's worth the spend if you're only moving up a notch or two. Helps to set an absolute limit. Thing is, below a certain point (typically around £100) you'll find as you move down models, that performance is dropping off faster than price. Above a certain point (usually around £200) you'll find price increasing faster than performance. With that in mind, the best purchases tend to be between £100 and £200. Below £100, you really will find you're getting significant advances in performance as you step up each £10-20. This might be helpful:,review-32571.html

    The second and last pages especially.
  8. put on hold for the moment as xmas got too expensive and just bough an ATX case for better airflow - now looking at 7750 but not sure of make - From Amazon UK have choice of VTX3D - Sapphire - ASUS - XFX -
    leaning towards the Sapphire - anyone reccomend one over the other????
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