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I was wondering if this was normal, according to a friend it isnt, when i go full screen on a game in a display. My other display runs slow, kinda jumpy. Is there a way to stop that, so i can watch videos in the other display for example?

Thanks :)
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  1. spec?
  2. i5 something something
    GTX 560 OC SLI
    16GB RAM
    Windows 8 RP
    cant think of what else will help...
  3. What's your driver version? What videos are you trying to watch?
  4. Latest Stable 306.97
    Its not just videos, i was just using that as an example, the monitor acts like its updating slow.
    If i were to drag a window across thew window it would only show it like half way and there, if you understand what im saying.
  5. Lots of games shut off the second monitor when the first is running in true full screen. The general solution is to run the game in a window that is the same size as your display resolution. Sometimes this causes edge effects where the mouse behaves badly.
  6. Try updating to 310.70. Might help.

    BTW, what's your monitor connection configuration? Which monitor is connected where?
  7. GTX 560 (1) is connected to primary by DVI
    GTX 560 (2) is connected to secondary also by DVI
    and ill update to 310.70 to see if that has an effect

    And vitreoushumor, it used to be like that a while ago, but then it changed and i was able to play a game and have a video run next to it without any issue.
  8. You should connect both monitors to the first card. That's how Nvidia recommends it.
  9. ill give it a go, and see if there is a change in performance :)
  10. If you want to use SLI, connect both monitors to your primary card and run games in fullscreen (not fullscreen-windowed).

    If you want to use your GPUs separately, disable SLI and connect a monitor to each card.

    If you want to use SLI but still watch videos on your second monitor, you should expect some slowdown in game, in the video, or both. You're making your CPU and GPUs render separate things, so lower your settings until everything is smooth.
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