Lenovo G580: Dedicated gpu possible?

Hi folks!
I have literally bought a Lenovo G580 within the last 24 hours and have already noticed the HD 4000 igpu isn't that grand. I wasn't expecting miracles but I was on a budget and had to get a laptop there and then for work. This was all I could afford that met the criteria.

Basically I want to know if there is any chance of me being able to (easily?) upgrade the graphics card in the future. I don't really want to void the warranty by opening it up to check the space requirements but don't really know where to look for such information.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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  1. no, because from my knowledge ibm doesnt let u upgrade the mobile graphics chip, and most laptops dont, except a few custom made laptops from alienware, sager, etc

    your pretty much stuck with ur soldered integrated graphic card sadly ;p
  2. looking at the product sheet and specs it looks like what you got is all you get...
    affordable laptops are not usually designed for the hard core gamer.
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