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I'm looking for a way to watch tv (via my setup box, so I don't want a tv tuner). I found Pcie and Usb devices that provides rca/hdmi/svideo... inputs, but I can't find a good software for just watch (and EVENTUALLY record), all the devices comes with just record software.
(haupaugge has a "watching software", but I've read lots of bad reviews about their products, so I don't want their products since I live in Brazil and I wont have support here. Because of that, I was looking for avermedia hardware, they work in Brazil)
I think a usb device is easier and more reliable to use than a Pcie, but a good pcie is ok also.
So, my biggest concern is the software. Please, help me to find a good software and hardware!!
(I'm using win8...)

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  1. Why do you need a tuner? You can watch almost anything with only a high speed internet connection. Anything you can't watch is going to be scrambled and the tuner card won't unscramble it.
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