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So I just built my first PC, and everything went relatively smoothly. I dual booted it with Windows 8 and 7. With windows 7 it won't locate my on board graphics. I have installed all updates and drivers and still nothing. Windows 8 on the other hand has found everything no problem. I am using an Asrock FM2A75 Pro4 motherboard with an AMD A6 5400 CPU. I do not have a graphics card as I was planning on using the on board graphics. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?
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  1. Try to install the drivers for the onboard graphics on Windows 7. Maybe it will detect it. Usually when you configure some BIOS settings, Windows will detect it (such as configuring amount of memory, dual-monitor support, render stand-by etc, etc.)
  2. What do you mean it doesn't detect it? You see black screen?
  3. windows 8 has a newer driver database and installs a lot more drivers by the internet when you do the install. i would start with updating the mb drivers first. then see if the video chipset is found after the update.
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