Need help figuring out where these temp are from

Hi putting this under Graphics cause i think it may be related to my Geforce 8600 GT card but i aint sure. I am using speedfan and PC Wizard 2012 to view these temps but im getting a similar reading on 2 different items and im not sure if they are the same or from different sensors. At idle my Geforce reads about 143 Degrees but i have another sensor showing a similar temp but only a few degrees off thats just labeled as 'temp' on speed fan and it says 'lm75' in the config on speed fan. Is lm75 on the geforce or is this another sensor somewhere else not related to the video card. Im putting a pic up that shows speedfan and PC Wizard both on at the same time to give a better idea. Its Win 7..Asus p8p67 EVO with 8 gigs of Corsair Vengeance memory. Might have to click on the pic to get a better view...i was hoping it would go up bigger than this

If i put this under the wrong topic...please move it to where it needs to be...Thanks
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  1. why are you using nice new hardware and a rubbish 8600GT?

    As long as everything is assembled correctly and seated, i wouldnt worry about a mis-read temprature reading it happens all the time i never bother looking at them.

    Run some hardware tests to verify everything is ok

  2. well i bought the whole system for $225 so the graphic card was pretty much a gimmie...its a Christmas present for my youngest son and the card seems to be working fine but i seen the temps and didnt want it failing on him on Christmas want "dad' lookin like a dumba$$ if it died the first day :)
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