Using a ATI graphics card ati. any paticuler monitor i need

also to what kinda device do i need to enable 3d? dont i need a 3d monitor? and what is the kit called to connect all this using a radeon 7850 card
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  1. You don't need a 3D monitor. The monitor is just "display". If your video card supports stereoscopic 3D, it will work fine. On NVIDIA cards it's very easy to enable stereoscopic 3D and it has different modes. I don't know how to enable stereoscopic 3D on AMD/ATI cards.
  2. ok, so is usin a ati 3d kit different then usin a 3d monitor the same or a little diferent or hows that go.
  3. Here is a list of compatible HD3D monitors:
    Not a lot to choose from unfortunately.

    You will also need Tridef 3D software to enable 3D
  4. will having a 3d monitor vs a kit with a monitor that supports it make any difference
  5. as far as i know the kits for amd hd3d usually come with the monitor, i think you're getting it mixed up with nividia 3d vision.
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