Windows 8 drivers for asus m4n68tmlev2 ??

hi,'m having a bit problem with my pc. I recently switched from 64bit windows 7 to windows 8,but can't find any driver's available for the lan & there anything available or asus simply have forgotten config is,

asus m4n68tmlev2 board
<chipset-nvidia geforce 7025>
4gb ddr3 ram
amd athlon II x3 425 processor
nvidia ge force gt520 card

any suggestion will be really helpful.mail me at
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  1. There are no Windows 8 drivers for that board, but don't blame Asus. You should have checked what drivers are available before upgrading the OS.

    Companies have to pay to have new drivers written by programming personnel, and it doesn't come cheap. They therefore have to decide which boards get new drivers, and which ones don't.
  2. And anything with an nvidia chipset really isn't worth supporting. I didn't think anyone made those anymore
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