Trying to upgrade graphics card in old HP machine

Hi all,

I have an old HP machine with a Geforce 9800 GT and I am interested in upgrading to a card such as a GTX 660, pictured here:

This is my HP system:

I think that there might be some issues in upgrading the graphics card that are related to an inadequate power supply, not enough space, and possibly PCI-E x16 issues. Can someone advise me on this? Is it possible to upgrade my graphics card in this old HP machine without also upgrading the tower, PSU, etc.?

Thank you
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  1. I neglected to mention: The GTX 660 says it needs a 450 W PSU, and the HP machine has a 460W PSU, so it does technically meet the requirement. I'm aware that this is a long-shot, however...
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