Computer screaming during startup, no output

I recently placed my computer (surrounded by clothes) in a trunk as checked luggage during a flight with layover. It is a dell computer with a geforce graphics card and not too long ago i installed a gs600 corsair powersupply which takes up most of the free room in the chassis with extra cables.
Problem is that since arriving, turning on the power results in a loud screech-like tone that continues at a constant (and painful) level while powered on. Otherwise startup sounds and hdd light act normally, however the monitor comes out of sleep mode and displays nothing. At any point after initial startup sounds pressing the front power button has the same effect as the i/o switch which is immediate loss of power and the winding down over 1.5 seconds of the screaming noise

Any help would be appreciated, though I am suspecting a graphics card issue as it has never liked being used for 3D game causing the fans to go into overdrive and on 2 occasions crashing the computer when playing dead island for an extended session.
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  1. Check the graphics card power connectors.
    Nvidia cards squeal like crazy if the power connectors are not connected.
  2. It's obviously terrified of flying .... (sorry i couldn't resist)
  3. Its either a fan rubbing against something or your hard drive is bout to shite itself.
  4. yeah - my first thought was cables against spinning fans or a fan bearing, however the display seems to be the component that's
    faulty - I think it's either a display or graphics .... and since there's a noise thats usually from a moving part although electrics can squeal when they're frying - do all fans spin normally - does graphics card have a spinning fan - if the bearing is shot on it you could get a squeal and might cause overheating and corrupt display
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    graphics cards use to have pietzoelectric sirens onboard that would make one hell of a noise if the card wasnt getting enough power, so make sure all the pcie power plugs are properly pluggeg in...
    Not sure if the current gen cards have these sirens but at least couple of previous gens did.
  6. Well i had a friend look it over, aparently my graphics card has more than one power input and one had come loose. Seems to have solved the issue.
  7. give Kari the gold cup
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  9. groundrat said:
    Its either a fan rubbing against something or your hard drive is bout to shite itself.

    People who post tripe like this needs to have thier ability to give advise revoked on these forums!
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