GTX 660 +12v Amp requirement question

Quick question my brother is looking to get a GTX 660 which states it requires a 400w power supply with a minimum of 24a on the 12 v rail.

My question is he has 2 12v rails one with 16 amp and one with 18 amp. Does a single 12v have to exceed or match 24a or do you combine the 2?

Thats all I need to know wasn't for sure.

He has a 500w apevia power supply.
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  1. I think you should be good, but im not an expert on PSU's
  2. alright so just to be 100% sure the 18 amps and the 16 amps on the 2 seperate 12v rails would be ok for the 400w/24amp +12v power requirement?
    It is not a good power supply.
    Basic door stop material.
    I would not trust it in my computer. it is a tier 5 unit.
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