Things to keep in mind while assembling a NEW BUILD.

Well guys I am new builder, I have asked question regarding a new budget build.

Also after discussion on the forum, I am planning to assemble PC on my own for the first time.

Now I want to make a list of things to keep in mind before and during assembling, so as to build a perfect build without any problems.

Please tell me even the simplest of the suggestions.
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  1. Before.... ::: Look at youtube walkthrough

    DURING: No magnetic screw drivers
    Dont play hackey sack with the CPU
    Stay off carpets during the build.

    Build with easy access to a computer for forum searches on some obstacles that may come your way and youtube visual help
  2. Thanks for those replies.

    Also is it necessary to buy extra fans for cooling the CPU.

    Like one fan to take cool air intake and another one to remove the hot air.
    Also would it take more power from the Power Supply?
  3. not really take more power.

    fans use very little power .

    do u have a budget in mind?
  4. Quote:
    fans use very little power .

    So I am going with two fans, one for intake and one for exhaust of heat.

    do u have a budget in mind?

    Already made a list of all things under a very tight budget.
    I will post the final build after I purchase it. That is by next week.
  5. sounds good.
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