Hello guys!
Here is my scenario: I have already a wireless router with my internet connection. I cannot change any config in this router. Of course I have my key to connect to it.
I need to install an repeater (or range extender? or bridge? I don't know the correct term) to be able to use this same Internet connection in another room. This room receives a very small signal from this router, so often gets disconnected.
I already saw some equipaments, but seems that I need to change config in both routers to extend range. I can't do it.

Is there any way I can install a new equipament (repeater/router/bridge/etc), config it to connect to first router (by entering my user and password) and have the signal extended to the other room? I read somewhere that it's possible but I would loose 1/2 of the speed - that's OK since my connection is just for web.

If you could please:
- Tell me the correct name of what I need (a repeater? a bridge? another router? or what :) )
- Suggest a good equipament to do this

Thank you!
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  1. I used this one before and all I needed is to enter the wifi passkey. Did not have to touch the main router
  2. Thanks!
    Whats the difference from using this and routers with Repeater functionality? There are some for 50 dollars. You think they do the same thing?
  3. which router do you have in mind?
  4. This one, for example:
    It seems they have repeater inside. So I don't understand why they have a equipment that does it all (like this above) or just repeater (like the one you sent).
    Just a marketing thing or any special reason?
    Of course, if the equipment has repeater (what I need) and something extra (like it is a Access Point too) I would go with the last one!
    Can you help me clarify this?
    Thank you!
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    almost all router do NOT come with a repeater function including the one in your link.

    the Linksys will only function as an Access Point.

    a repeater or bridge will wirelessly connect to an existing router.

    the WRT54GL can be easily upgraded with DD-WRT firmware to give you the repeater or bridge option.

    a router that I successfully converted is the ASUS RT-N12

    leaving the operating mode switch in the default position and installing the DD-WRT firmware is recommended by ASUS.
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