Palit GeForce GTX 660 Ti Jetstream 2GB bottle neck

So i am wanting to get a Palit GeForce GTX 660 Ti Jetstream 2GB from pccasegear and i am wondering if it will be bottle-necked from my CPU AMD Athlon (tm) IIX2 255 Processor 3.10 GHz
4gb of ram but i have 32 bit windows so only 3.12 is usable
My PSU says 230v not sure how many Watts that is but the graphics card says 450W reccomended
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  1. Your CPU will indeed bottleneck that GPU. Upgrade to a Phenom 965 and to a good quality PSU and you'll be set to run that card.
  2. This PSU, although much more money, is quite a good PSU for the price:
  3. Sadly im from Australia so i can't buy from newegg, i have had a 660ti in my computer once (was my brothers) and i played skyrim on high fine?
  4. Bad thing there is skyrim is more CPU heavy than GPU, while having a 660 to is definitely gonna improve it, that processor will be holding it back
  5. Oh true
    Well I'm looking to upgrade later on (whole new pc i5 ssd and stuff)
    So I wanted something for now. Just a gpu to play black ops 2 on high or so. Even if it is bottle necked as long as it doesn't get damaged by te psu I have and the bottle necking ?
  6. Game play will be awful you need to either upgrade all at once or get a weaker card a 7770 would do fine with your current cpu.
  7. Will a 660 Ti run better than a 7770? I don't care if im only getting 30% out of the card i don't want to waste $100 than later on update again. will a 7770 run black ops 2 max with 90+? fps
  8. No it will not sorry
  9. I don't mean like anit aliasing and FXAA, no sync every frame and stuff just textures high at 1080p no depth of field
  10. It will not do it you would get 40+fps
  11. ? This guy said he gets 70-250 fps..
  12. Hes a liar that's why he did not record his fps to prove it like me Crysis 2 Campaign MSI GTX 670 OC Test Battlefield 3 PC Operation Swordfish Campaign Combat GTX 670
  13. I don't think he would lie, His gameplay is pretty good which means he is getting easily over 60 fps.. i have a 512 MB 8600GT and i get up to 125fps.. average about 50, lags at about 35-40 fps in middle of maps, At normal graphics textures.. so someone is lying
  14. It's up to you if you want to believe blanket statements from strangers go ahead i only believe solid proof
  15. Why don't use Microsoft patch to be recognized whole the ram by Windows?
  16. I guess you could get "some" idea from here.

    Looks like bf3 gets ~40 fps in 1080p, high, and I'm almost sure black ops 2 is less demanding than battlefield3...
  17. You have to be careful looking at reviews from one particular person, they try to "test" it in a certain place where they know it'll run great. I like my 7770 though, if your really low on money it's a great option but the 650 Ti, and espically the 7850 are the best values for the money.
  18. So i had a look at the 650 Ti and they seem good for the extra $30-60 or so
    Will it be bottle necked with my cpu still or will i have to upgrade that
    how are these
  19. You won't have a problem with any cards, your CPU is fine.
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