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I'm putting together a computer from cyberpower. Plan on doing some gaming and using it for college things mainly. Anyways I think I have my pc set up like I want it (as this will be the pc I use for a considerably long time). Just wanted to see if there is something you guys would switch out or not spend so much on. Much thanks in advance.

The build is here
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  1. Looks like a solid build, are you gonna be overclocking? if not you can save some money there, and the monitor you have selected is only 1366x768, if you are set on that resolution then you won't need the graphics chops you have selected, but with the card and CPU you have selected I'd find a 1920x1080 monitor, that way you are actually using what you are paying for
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  3. And IMO, you can ditch the sound card, I'm sure the onboard audio from your mother board will be fine. I'd also get an SSD, even if it's just a 60 GB one for your OS, the performance difference is like dial-up to broadband.
  4. This is how I would build it, it's a bit more, but worth it
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