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hi guys, new to the forums here and plan on being active here about in the forums. ive got little to no experience in computers :/ so ive got a few questions.

im building a rig atm, its specs go accordingly

cpu intel core i5 3750k
mobo h77mu3 biostar
vid card msi afterburner r7770 ghz edition (came with free far cry 3)
8 gb cosair vengeance ram
hdd not to sure atm i have an ol 80gb seagate i might use
case and psu i have some logisys with great ventilation
optical d already got one

so my question are, is this a good graphics card, i researched a little and got it for a good price that i think at 100$. would this combo be decent for gaming? not meaning ultra bf3 but maybe medium/ low end bf3, fancy :pt1cable: graphics on minecraft, and far cry 3 with decent settings. and if i do get a hdd, any recommendations(cheaper ones. cheap.) ? got all my parts from a nearby microcenter. thanks for all the help, hope forums go well!

edit- and starcraft 2. a different type of gameplay of course, but still noted. thanks again guys
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  1. Get a better motherboard (preferably an ATX motherboard), make sure your PSU has enough wattage to run everything, make sure your HDD doesn't use an IDE cable, make sure the optical drive doesn't run on an IDE cable, get a better graphics card.
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