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Built a new computer(thanks to you guys :)), but got a low quality PSU with the cabinet. As I didn't buy graphic card at the time of purchase I did not bother of buying a better PSU, thought would buy it at the time of graphic card.

I am going to buy 7750(any other options?). Just wanted to know whether a good quality PSU is required or not, as the card takes the input from PCI-e itself.
Currently my PSU is rated as 450W. Will the PSU damage the other parts or specifically the graphic card? Will it run the graphic card?

My config is:-
core i3 2120
Asus h61
8GB 1333mhz RAM
1TB 7200rpm HDD
1920*1080 21.5" monitor
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  1. seems like you should be fine, the card wont affect the psu and the psu should have enough headroom for the card. it may be a wise investment to get a better psu though.

    I have the 600w version of this, if you don't care too much about efficiency, the TR2's are pretty good.
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