Want to Get Fancy Router, How Important Is a modem

I want to get i nice 802.11b/g/n 300Mb/s router but i am wondering how a modem will affect my latency or download speeds. Is there any difference between different non-wireless modems ? ADSL2+ ring a bell and is there something better.
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  1. Bit confused about your modem question. The modem is the first connection to your ISP, so you should already have one, that D-Link you have now is the modem but it's also your router. So you don't want to connect a modem to the D-Link, you want to replace the D-Link with a regular modem.

    If you want to upgrade the router, check with the company which DSL modems will work with their system, and get just a modem, then you can hook that up to your router and be set. Or you can check the options in the D-Link and turn off DHCP and the router features on it, and use it just as a modem. Should have a method to do that.
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