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I built my first computer last fall. I have a full Tower computer and I'll list my specs below. My problem is a few games (Battlefield 3 and WoW mainly) will freeze up and I guess crash. I'll break it down to what happens to each game and try to be as descriptive as possible to make it easy to figure out (hopefully.)

If I have DX11 enabled it will usually crash after awhile and say something like "Your display driver stopped working and has recovered." It sometimes does it when I don't run DX11 but not nearly as much.

This is the game I have the most issues with. I've had the game since release, but played it the most in the last month or so. I'll be playing in multiplayer and the screen will randomly freeze up and minimize and I can't open it again. Now the game doesn't quit, it says still running under task manager. So then I have to force shut it down everytime. What's weird is that it does it completely randomly. Sometimes hours, sometimes minutes into a game and last time it quit before I even started playing. And its not just the new maps, its all maps. I have the game completely updated, and even used the "repair reinstall" option.

It randomly crashes to desktop. Not often though.

After looking through several threads I found out my BIOS were never updated and that seemed to work for people. So I updated my bios and played for about an hour and then it froze up and quit again. I have the newest drivers for my graphics card. I've done clean installs by completely removing old drivers and installing new ones. So I'm lost on what to do. Here are my specs:

Mobo - MSI P67A-GD55 LGA 1155 Socket

CPU - I5-2500k (liquid cooled)

GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked

PSU - 700W Master Cooler

RAM - 8 GB Corsair Vengeance

Like I said I have a tall tower so I have pretty good air flow IMO. I'm also new to computer building so sorry if I'm not proper in what I'm saying. I don't overclock my cpu or gpu either. If you need any other information about my computer just let me know and thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. It... sounds to me like it's a RAM issue.

    Try running several passes of MemTest and check back with us.
  2. Have you tried upping its voltage slightly? Sounds like mine if I set the voltage to low.
  3. How do I "safely" raise the voltage? I've been wondering for awhile if that would do it.
  4. sorry for the late reply. Most manufacturers offer an overclocking program. there should be an option to adjust the GPU voltage there. beware not to adjust it to much. Small increments at a time till you find a stable setting. Also depending on your motherboard there may be an option to set the voltage of your GPU, If however it is an OEM motherboard (purchased from one of the big name venders such as Dell, HP, Sony, ect...) the option may not be present on your motherboard.
  5. Alright I'll give it a shot. I bought 8 more gigs of ram so I now have 16 and it still does the same thing to most games I play. Like The Secret World. Sometimes I can play that game for a good 5 hours and nothing will happen then sometimes it will crash to desktop after 5 minutes. And so then I have to run task manager because the game is still running but not responding. And sometimes when that happens my web browser will freeze. But I'm not sure if the 2 things have anything to do with each other.
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