Master Boot Record is making me mad!!!

I've just installed a Maxtor 10 gb hd in my new computer. After I set up the partitions (only one) I try to format the HD. The format starts just allright but after it has finished the "real" formatting, the program says that it can't write on MBR and doesn't finish the format. For all I know, there is no protection in BIOS. So, what to do???
Mainboard QDI Legend V with newest BIOS.

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  1. So, are you using the Max Blast HD installation utility? Download it a give it a try.

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  2. The MaxBlast Plus program can't process and the program says that "The boot record system type on drive 1 does not match the partition table system type of C. This partition cannot be processed". Could the problem be in my motherboard?
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  3. OK, what type of partitions are you using, Fat32? Fat16? NTFS? Are they both the same? You can check them in DOS by using FDISK.

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  4. Try running MaxBlast, but run the diagnostics utilities (PowerMax.) Within the utilities is an option to run a Low Level Format, which will write 0's across the entire drive, including the MBR. If that doesn't work, you may just want to RMA the drive through Maxtor, and if you quote "No Quibble", they won't make you run any more diagnostics and they'll just replace the drive, no questions asked.
  5. also, if that doesn't work, try this

    Fdisk to remove all partitions
    then type "FDISK /MBR" (w/o quotes)
    then FDISK to make the partitions

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