How to open ports 80, 443 and 5101 on Att&t Westell modem

I use Dish network sling adaptor to access live tv and my dvr recordings on my computer and Iphone. Everything worked fine with my dsl 2 wire modem from At&t. This modem broke and they sent me a westell and now my dish receiver does not stay connected any more. The dish techs said I had to have AT&T open up ports 80, 443 and 5101. The at&t tech said that she had to have names for the ports to be able to open them because that is all that is listed. In other words there was one for sling box and many games, but they were listed by name, not by number. Where can I go for help with this? I know absolutely nothing about ports and how to open them and it appears that the techs I spoke with do not know either. Thanks
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  1. Port 80 is generally TCP (Web traffic)
    Port 443 is called SSL, TCP traffic over a secure tunnel. If you can access a bank website, paypal, etc, this port is open. HTTPS:// in an address bar is using 443 as default.
    Port 5101 it probably Outlook Express. You'll need TCP/UDP for access there.

    By default 80 and 443 should be open. 5101 will be open if they provide you with an email account.

    80 - web browsing
    443 - secure web browing
    5101 - SMTP (email)
  2. Thanks...I can access bank accounts, have email and outlook Express so I assume from your answer they are open. I believe from this the problem is with Dish, not us. Thanks
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