Zotac 9500GT or HD 2500

At the moment i have a Intel i5 3470 and a Zotac 9500GT 1gb DDR2 and i read that the Intel i5 3470 has HD 2500 integrated graphics. I want to know which one is better for gaming (until i get my GPU). The HD 2500 supports DX11. can anyone advise me on which one to use for the time being
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    as u can see 9500GT DDR3 is higher than HD4000!!
    and DDR2 is equvilent to HD4000 , so the GPU is better than the HD 2500.
    and when u have to buy GPU refer to that article as well
    to suggest u best GPU within all price ranges
  2. Thanks. I have the DDR2 one i am saving for a GTX 650. Another thing that i don't understand my friend has a laptop with weaker CPU and he has the HD 3000 but when i play Farcry 3 the game lags when people talk to me but on his laptop there is no lag whatsoever.
  3. You are really wasting your CPU considering those weakling graphic cards. Your CPU can handle even a high end GPU. A GTX 650 is a very poor choice cause there is the GTX 650 Ti which is miles faster. Don't let the similar naming confuse you. IMO you can even consider a HD 7850 or a GTX 660, of course if you can afford but i'd still stay away from GTX 650. And about FC3 performance: game settings matter a lot, perhaps your friend is playing at the lower settings
  4. I would also try saving for at least the 650 Ti (and by extension HD 7850 or GTX 660). You will really be wasting your great cpu with a gtx 650.

    Also, what is your budget?
  5. for your friend,
    go his settings and play in highest resolution and ultra settings with AA turned up,
    and u will know wat lag ACTUALLY means.

    and for u
    i say go for atleast an hd 7770~105$
    or if u can afford more or are willing to spend more tell me your budget
  6. Use 9500GT now and when you save enough get GTX 650 or the Ti version. Or something even better.

    You'll probably wait until next-gen Radeons. That is Q2. So you should start a thread at that time with your Budget for GPU. :)
  7. I went a on ebay to look at GPU's. My budget is around $175 - $200 because i live in South Africa and still have to ship it in.

    I looked at the following GPU's

    Zotac GeForce GTX650 Ti 2GB
    Zotac GeForce GTX650 AMP 2GB
    EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
    Zotac GeForce GTX 660

    The price of those are between $130 and $199

    I don't know any other places that sell and ship GPU's
  8. The Best there is Zotac GTX 660. Look for MSI or Asus.
  9. I'll search on ebay for a MSI GTX660
  10. Another question which one is better the GTX650 AMP or Ti edition?
  11. ofcourse the Ti edition.
    the ti is given by NVIDIA. not some manufacturer like zotac.
    TI is 40% better than the 650.
    but i thought u were going for a GTX 660?
  12. I am aiming for the GTX660 but i am struggling to find an online shop that sells and ships it to South Africa for under $245
  13. how about a 7850?
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  15. I'll check those GPU's out thanx
  16. k,
    if ur doubts r solved u can close this thread.
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