GTX670 heat differences

Hi, my brother and I have the exact same system except his GPU when gaming is roughly 66c while mine hits 78c
Since day 1 when we got them its been the same, I've even added a 200mm side fan for more cooling and nothing changed.

Any ideas as to what it could be that the temps are so different?
We can be playing the exact same game at full spec 1080p

Builds are

Asus P77-V LX
Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz
16GB 2133 DDR3
Gainward GTX670 Phantom edition
Xpredator case

If it were a few degrees different I wouldn't be bothered but its roughly a 15% difference.
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  1. Sometimes you might get the bad graphics card.

    What I mean is that sometimes manafacturers have that one card that has a slighly lower build quality they are usually just known as faulty cards but in some cases they work fine just the coolers or the thermalpaste they use is crap or something.
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