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I am new to this site, so please forgive any noobish behavior on my part.

About 2 years back a friend of mine gifted me a PC that he had had built. (specs below)

MOBO: MSI 770-C45 (MS-7599)
Processor: AMD Phenom ii x6 1050t
GPU: Radeon HIS HD 5850
Memory: 4gb (dont know make)

Everything was great for a few months, i played Call of Duty Black ops (which had just been released) for hours at a time without any issues.
Then all of a sudden... Blue screen! i didnt think much of it to be honest, until it began to happen more frequently.
now i can only get about 6-10mins of COD (or any other game).

my guess was that GPU was to blame, however decided to replace the memory first (figured it was a possible offender, and was cheap to replace)
i then purchased a new GPU (MSI Radeon HD 6970 Lightening) installed it..... and same thing.

few factors to consider:
Only happens during games, although not necessarily during high stress
can run Furmark stress test on both GPU's without a problem
temperatures are fine

My strategy is to systematically replace each component until the problem stops.
can anybody recommend a sensible next step?

thanks in advance.
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  1. What power supply do you have?

    The 6970 uses 315 watts under load and if you have some cheap off-brand 500w PSU it likely can't handle the GPU.
  2. Corsair TX650w
  3. It's a good PSU but you can't rule out that being faulty. First off test the things that you can test without starting to just replace bits. So RAM for example you can use memtest+ to check for any memory errors. Then the hard drive you can also run a diagnostic to check for bad sectors. It's highly unlikely to be your processor as they rarely fail however you should use core temp to check what heat the processor is running at under load. If it keeps happening in games it could be an overheating issue. If you can use a PSU from another machine to test that would be the ideal situation and then I guess your looking at system board after that really.

    Also on a side note you can not 100% rule out a software issue, before I would spend any money I would test what I could and failing that I would re-install windows from scratch to rule out the possibility of a software issue. What does the blue screen say when it crashes?
  4. Having the BSOD codes would be helpful.
  5. The hard drive tests report back fine, and i have re installed win 7 a few times in the past.
    is it possible the PSU could fail so selectively? it works fine during a GPU stress test where the fans are revved up and temps are up on 75c
    CPU temps never go above 50c so i have ruled that one out.

    i have never been quick enough to record the BSOD code cause it only appears for a sec. and most crashes dont even have a BSOD, just a brief screen distortion followed by a restart.
    i will try to be alert for the next one, but am fairly sure it started off 00....00124
  6. Turn off automatic restart in control panel so you can read what it says.
  7. Auto restart is off now, thanks for that.
    however now that ive installed my new GPU, i dont get blue screens any more.

    now as soon as i enter a game (tried BO and BF3 so far) the fans on the GPU max within seconds. temp jumps from approx 45 to 100 within 2-3 secs and game freezes.
    surely the GPU temp cant jump so rapidly? is it possible i am getting a false reading?
    i had assumed these readings were taken from within the card, but if the problem existed on my 5850 that would be too much coincidence.

    driving me nuts.
  8. also bccode 124 = core voltage when overclocking.. have you overclocked this cpu? or si the board giving it less voltage than it needs?
  9. i had overclocked the cpu from 2.8 to 3.2, and was running stable, however i have reset to standard, but the problem persists.
    not sure how to regulate the voltage given by the board? anyhow this doesn't explain the erratic temp rises.

    i have noticed any sort of strain, no matter how small will cause the temp (and fans) to go up.
    if i were 2 watch a movie for eg. the fans would be running at 100%. temps in the room are not high and case is vented ok, so thats not the issue.

    i tried a quick game of command and conquer zero hour earlier, which didn't strain the GPU at all (as it shouldn't) however when an explosion went off about 5mins in, the game crashed. i couldn't even open chrome afterward, as display was messed up.
  10. have you tried to completely uninstall and reinstall updated drivers fro gpu and mainboard?.. I am curious if a windows reinstall would fix this as well ( some type of corruption in the file system ) are all the bccodes 124?
  11. Have you reset the BIOS to factory settings altogether? Because when you overclocked you're CPU you may have inadvertantly upped the voltage and/or bus speed to you're PCIe slot. If you don't unlink things as the bus speed increases it takes everything else with it.
  12. guys, this is really helpful stuff, thanks a lot.
    resetting the bios to 'optimal settings' seems to have stopped the blue screens and random crashes.

    BUT... I still cant play any games because of the rapid temp increase :(

    since i installed the new card, this has developed into a whole new problem. the 124 BSOD prob appears to be gone (thanks) it is now an overheating problem.
    i just dont understand how it can jump from 45c to 90c in 5secs (soon as i enter the map on any game).
    i can hear the fans rev even when im in the lobby, but when im in game, it sounds like my PC is going to fly out of the window. this will last for approx 10secs max, then the screen will go grey/green/black (different each time) with vertical lines.
    how can a game make this happen when it can handle Furmark no problem???
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