Win 7 Ult: keyboard layout shortcuts getting reset

I have quite a few input languages enabled on Windows 7 Ultimate and I want to navigate between them using keyboard shortcuts like I used to do on Windows XP. I know how to assign the shortcuts but the trouble is that all of the shortcuts keep getting reset every time I shut down the PC and after I log on again none of them work… I can of course go to Control Panel and assign the shortcuts again but it's a bit irritating when you have to do it for 8 languages every day.

Oddly enough, the shortcuts for two of eight languages that I have are automatically restored when I go to this dialog box where shortcuts may be assigned — without me making any changes other than just clicking OK. So these two don't seem to be completely lost, it just seems that Windows 'forgets' about them until I open the dialog box with the shortcut assignments.

Does anyone know where in the registry (so I suppose) the shortcut assignments are stored? If I knew, I'd write a program that would restore them every time I log on.

Thanks very much,
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  1. I now discovered that sometimes the shortcuts aren't lost until I run Firefox. Or so it seems. It's still hard to localize the source of the problem so maybe some of you know if the keyboard layout shortcuts are stored in the registry? I could then restore them automatically and be done with it…
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