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I had a low end all-in-one Compaq CQ1-1030IN that came with Win7. Its now useless because an IC has been burnt due to overheating. I have an assembled PC without an OS. Is it possible to migrate Win7 on this assembled PC after I insert the HD from my non-functioning all-in-one to it ? How ?
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    Hello Harsh_hk :hello:

    In my experience you can't, with a new PC your better off with a clean install, no old drivers and registry errors to clog things up. I only use a clone in a HDD replacement scenario when your using the same PC. The version of Windows 7 on a pre-manufactured PC is OEM, which is non transferable, it can only be used on that PC. I usually Install fresh, if you don't have a windows install disk ask a friend, enter no key at install and then use this place for keys, they're cheap, and use the Key Update Tool afterwords and it will be genuine.

    Just my 2 cents do with it what you will.
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  3. Thank you hillmanant. :)
  4. unfortunately ,most probably I think it can't be done.... acronis provides a software but the only problem is its non compatibility with win 7 .... it works with vista , xp
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