Not sure of GTX 660m is being used to it's full potential.

I got this laptop about two weeks ago.

I am not sure if my games are running at what they could be. I watched benchmark videos before buying it and when I run the same games it seems to do worse, not way worse, but noticeable. For example, I thought the GTX 660m would eat CoD BOII, but instead I can't run full settings at 60 FPS.
Is there a way I can make sure my computer is performing the best it can? Also I am using Windows 8 if that is important at all.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Install MSI Afterburner and Enable "On-screen Displey"

    Then you can see whether your card is running at 100% or not. You can even see Temps & Fan Speed.

    You can see here on the charts that it's a fairly weak GPU on level with deskop GTS 250 and GTS 450.

    So it won't eat all those games because it isn't that good of a GPU.
  3. It seems to be using all the the GPU. Oh well, the settings that I have and the max settings don't even look that much different anyway. MSI afterburner comes with a great screen recorder. If you turn CC on the settings look like they are better than max haha
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