me to buy a cheaphd 6770..

this is my first post here i'm sorry if i post at the wrong place....
i'm from Srinagar J&K ,india ...I want to buy a RADEON hd 6770 of any company...I've a very tight budget as i spend my money in other components...i'm hardly left with Rs 5500 -6000,...i can use an hdfc debit card...i searched almost every online shop..ebay , flipkart , theitdepot etc...but couldn't find anything matching my budget....i searched us websites but i require 3rd party shipping services like shipito but they only accept credit cards & no debit cards......
SO me to buy hd 6770 within this budget new , refurbished or even used...
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  1. Did you already spend money on your other components?

    If not, you'd be better off getting an A10-5800K APU (Comes with integrated 7660) and save up for a dedicated 7870 and run Xfire.
  2. I've already got everything ie, ram , processor, mobo ,psu ,monitor ,hdd etc.. additionally newegg doesn't ship internationally neither can i use a 3rd party...bcoz of card problem
  3. wait for a better card... ie save. "good things come to those that wait, or save"
  4. bro ...I've waited for 3 yrs to collect money for my rig but still i can't buy it...
  5. What processor do you have? I'd say wait a few months and grab a 7870. It's not worth getting a $100 card right now. Unless you really need it.
  6. I've Intel core i5 2500k...what's the price of 7870..
  7. Use the integrated HD3000 for a few months and save up for a 7870. ($200-$250 in US not sure about Rupees)
  8. its expensive & will be more hd 6770 in India = 7000 inr = 127.2usd but in usa its just 69-90$
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