Aerocool F6XT noise problem

I have had the Aerocool F6XT fan controller for around a year now and when i put the fans on the minimum setting it makes this noise from the fans that are really annoying. i have recently bought some speed reduction cables but it is still making the noise. The fans that I have are the coolmaster sickleflow 120mm fans.
does anyone know how to fix this problem?

i have tried the exact voltages when plugging the fans into the motherboard and it does not make the noise
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  1. for the fan controller to work does the conector have to have 3 pins or 2? on the 3pin to molex it only contains 2 pins.
  2. Is the noise the fan itself or the fan vibrating against the case?
  3. the case and the motor i think but the noise does not occur when the setting is on max.
  4. It is a physical/mechanical sounding noise or more of an electrical one?
  5. physical
  6. Sounds to me like it is faulty fans, probably nothing wrong with the controller. Maybe a loose bearing or something. I would consider replacing the fans.
  7. would rubber screw things work as well?
  8. They will stop it vibrating against the case too much but they are not going to help if something is loose and the blades are vibrating against the motor/frame.
  9. then how come at the same speeds the fans do not make the noise when they are plugged into the mother board
  10. Hmm, that's very weird. In that case, it might be the fan controller. Don't quite see how that's possible though. A fan controller should should feed a voltage to the fan, higher volts = higher speed. I don't understand how it could cause a fan to vibrate. Have you made sure none of the wires are getting stuck in the fans?
  11. there are definately no wires in the fans. Could the 3 pin to molex adaptor effect this problem?
  12. I honestly don't know at this point. If it's a physical/mechanical sound, I don't understand how the controller/cables could be the problem.
  13. would the controller need the third pin because the adaptors only have 2?
  14. Maybe but I don't see how that would cause any abnormal sounds.
  15. should i send u the sounds? if it helps some how
  16. Don't know if it's worth it, won't be able to hear it in a recording very well. Not sure if I can help on this one man, sorry. Exhausted my knowledge now I think.
  17. thanks for trying anyway
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