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Sager X8100 Dual Nvidia 285m in SLI

December 14, 2012 10:52:02 AM

Hey guys I bought my Sager X8100 about a year ago now. Every once in a while I will get a blue screen of death and its always caused from the gpu driver. I have updated drivers plenty of times but it never seems to fix it. The last time I updated has been the best luck I've had until the last couple of weeks. Usually when it happens it just happens at random. Whether i'm playing a game or just surfing the internet. And a couple weeks ago when it happened I was just watching youtube. Well I just bought Unreal Tournament 3 (a bit late I know) a couple days ago which this computer should have absolutely no problem playing. And it doesn't I get excellent fps the computer doesnt sound like its working hard it doesnt get hot. Now when I'm playing something like Crysis 2 or Skyrim the fan is almost constantly running and you can tell it just feels a lot warmer and I can play those games for hours on end without problems. But unreal tournament 3 I can play for maybe 30 minutes then the driver starts messing up, the game will act like it freezes then the screen goes black. And then the sound comes back and after a few seconds the game will come back up and be working fine. Then 30 minutes later it happens again. But this time it completely crashes and gives me the blue screen of death and shuts down the computer. This seems like it happens every time I've played the game. Also I dont have SLI enabled. I never run SLI it seems like I have problems with every game I play with SLI enabled, which I have found after some research that a lot of people have trouble with SLI. So I just run it on one of the 285m's. What gives?

My Specs are Sager X8100, i7 840qm, 8 gb RAM and of course dual Nvidia 285m (in SLI if I want it).

Another question I had was I have been thinking about upgrading my gpu setup to just a single card. I've done a lot of studying and from what I've found I could go all the way up to an Nvidia 680m or an ATI Radeon 7970m if I wanted. Now the computer is only upgradeable to a 940xm cpu. I'm thinking if I went with something like the 680m I would have a bottleneck issue since the best cpu it will hold is a 940xm. Or am I underestimating the 940xm? If i did an upgrade like this I would probably go with the 920xm instead of the 940xm as I have done a bunch of studying and the price difference between the 2 really isnt worth it. As the 940 just barely out performs the 920. And for the most part you wont be able to tell the difference between the 2 performance wise. Since those are my best options cpu wise what would be the best gpu to upgrade to? I mean what is the best one that I would get to fully experience? In other words I dont want to spend the extra money on a 680m if i'm going to have a bottleneck issue and not get to experience everything its capable of. If there's not bottleneck issue I would have no problem spending the extra money. Thanks guys