New build with budget 1000$

I have been recently searching for parts for a new build. I had something like this on my mind
but then I found out newegg doesn't ship worldwide :(. I live in Cyprus and would like to know if there is any website that sells cheap parts like newegg worldwide.

I know amazon sells some of them worldwide but most do not ship outside US. If possible I would like a build that could be shipped to my country. My price range would be 900-1100 max (Arround 1000)

Thanks a lot.
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  1. i think you should look in turkey online stores
  2. can u link me to a website in cyprus could help u more.
  3. iceclock said:
    can u link me to a website in cyprus could help u more. but you can see yourself that prices are too high. (
  4. got anything else?
  5. iceclock said:
    got anything else?

    nope :/. Isn't there any european shipping hardware site?
  6. how much euros max?
  7. iceclock said:
    how much euros max?

    Well 850 but can go up to 950.
  8. do u need windows?
  9. iceclock said:
    do u need windows?

    nope I need only the hardware
  10. yes its trusted i chose the parts myself :), i found it online, seems pretty legit.

    u can call them urself if u wanna double check.

    but seems pretty legit.

    all the info u need.
  11. iceclock said:

    Alright, thank you :)
  12. no problem dude
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