Completed build-advice for wmc and tuner setup

Hello all, and special thanks to Wolf, Ronin, and Ice for the answers provided to help me complete my first build! I'll list the part used later.

Question 1...I just ordered the Silicondust HDPrime tuner. Time Warner is my cable provider. Any tips or suggestions for setting this up with WMC?

Question 2- suggestions for setting up Windows 7 and WMC greatly appreciated. I've been searching the web, but havent came across any instructions or settings for setting up Windows 7 for most efficient use of WMC.

Thanks again this site has been extremely helpful! :)
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    I'd say everything you need is right here: HDHomeRun Prime - WMC - Windows 7. For the experience that others have shared, I'd suggest TheGreenButton.TV and in particular: SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime Owner's Thread.

    -Wolf sends

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks Wolf....I guess what I really should have asked was any setup tips/issues to look out for.
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