Suggest Me with some Games Please...

Just suggest me some games tat can be played in my Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (GPU) ...Please sugest some the best games tat ve ever came...!!

I need to play some games of tat era...

Just help me out soon..!!
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  1. I have seen your build on a previous thread. You're choice of games will be limited due to the low power of your CPU and GPU unfortunately. Also asking us what are the best games ever is difficult, what genre of games do you prefer?

  2. Solitaire and minesweeper will run just fine.

    this is a great website, you select a game & it scans your hardware then tells you how well your system could run the game at minimum & recommended settings.
  4. I think this is what you are looking for

    Also try using this software:
    3d Analyzer
    Don't listen to anybody who tells you that it doesn't work!!
    I've personally used it and successfully played a few games at a playable fps (25+) on my GMA945 onboard graphics before I got a discrete graphic card.
    Although you should remember that this software is NOT a replacement for a discrete graphics.
    Games that I've successfully played using 3d Analyzer:
    Splinter Cell Chaos theory
    Prince of Persia SOT
    Far Cry 1
    Left for Dead 1&2
  5. Faster than Light or FTL for short. :P
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