Downloading drops my network connection?

I've been trying to download games I purchased from GamersGate but when I download them, my network connection drops from my entire network. I have to then reboot the router and modem to bring it back up. It will happen usually after one or two hours but has happened within five minutes of starting it. I can download from anyone else without any issues, or stream video, or download torrents. GamersGate is the only website causing problems, but their support couldn't figure out what the issue is.

I connect through a Belkin N150 wireless router, but my computer is wired, which goes into my AT&T DSL modem. AT&T has checked my lines and my modem and router and they didn't find any problems. I've tried disabling all firewalls, including the one in the router, and it didn't help.

What could be causing this issue? Could it be AT&T dropping the connection because they think I'm downloading pirated material?
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  1. It could be AT&T. It's strange that it only happens with one site. Is your router in an open area? Perhaps it's overheating and dropping connections. Also, when the computer drops, can you still access the router via another computer? If so, log into the router and check the router logs. Perhaps something obvious will show up in the logs.
  2. I can still access the router after it drops, yeah, it just has no internet connection. I'll bring it out into a more open area too, it and the modem are in a sort of open drawer thing. I'll try letting the connection drop and checking the logs.
  3. I have my router and modem out on a desk with a small fan pointed at them, so it's definitely not overheating now. I set a GamersGate download and let my connection drop and then checked my router's logs. This is what it says.

    01/19/2012 17:43:22 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
    01/19/2012 17:43:21 PPPoE1 get IP:
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 Username and Password: OK
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 PPPoE1 start PPP
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 PPPoE receive PADS
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 PPPoE send PADR
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 PPPoE receive PADO
    01/19/2012 17:43:20 PPPoE send PADI
    01/19/2012 17:43:12 PPPoE send PADI
    01/19/2012 17:43:12 PPPoE stop
  4. That looks like a typical PPoE handshake. There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary there.

    You can find information for PADS/PADR/PADI/PADO here.

    Is it possible to bypass your router and hook your computer directly to the modem? You may need to reboot your modem, computer, or both after connecting them in order to assure they get a proper IP address. This would help in determining if the router is the problem. Other than that, not sure what would cause that.
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