What company should I buy for a HD 7970?

My budget can range up to $600 dollars. I am looking to run Crysis 3 in ultra settings. I have everything else that can run it except for my current graphic card.
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  1. You're better off looking at a GTX670 for near enough the same performance interms of frames/second, but massively smoother, more consistent delivery of framerates. Check this out:


    It's a new way of testing performance, to more accurately represent the 'smoothness' delivered by a card. Frames/second is a crude, oversimplified measure of performance that accurately reflect true smoothness/responsiveness. We'll be seeing a lot more frame latency benchmarking moving forward.

    I know these aren't the models you're looking at, but they highlight important differences that are still applicable to GTX670/7970 (since architecturally the GPUs are very similar to those in the review).
  2. GTX 670 is the smartest choice.
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