So my dvd-rom disk drive stpped working

my disk drive stopped working must have somehow uninstalled them but when i try to reinstall it fails and of course windows help box is useless, tried turning automatic updates back on, tried to manually install, and called customer service and after an hour on hold said it must be my computer and i should call the manufacturer. i built my computer my self from several different companies for the best price so i cant really go to the manufacturer it has been working fine for 2 yrs and im clueless to y it stopped any suggestions would be great.
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  1. Did you check/reseat your power and data cables? Have you tried connecting the drive to a different data port on the motherboard or different power cables from the power supply? Have you tried the drive in another computer?

    -Wolf sends
  2. yes i tryed all that befor posting this basically my drivers stopped working or i accidentally uninstalled them now they wont install manually or automatically
  3. Just buy a new disk drive. A dvd burner runs about $17, it isn't worth the trouble. . .
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