GTX560 TI OC SLI or physic's card

I have a PNY GTX560 TI OC and I want to do SLI. I was looking for some advise as to what would work with that card since I can't find the card I have for sale except for ebay. What would be a good recommendation for this. I would like to stay $250 or lower if possible. I know I have a large enough PSU also, Ultra x4 1200 watt.

Or would it be better to get a newer card and then use my current one as a physics card?
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    560ti is probably overkill for physx in the handful of games that use it. All you need for SLI is another 560ti with the same amount of cores and memory.

    If you have a 1GB model, I would not suggest getting another one. The reason being 1GB vram isn't enough for the games you'll need 2x 560ti in (for example, BF3).

    If you have a 2GB model, SLI would be a decent option, but the one card newegg has in stock is $245, and that's just not a good deal at all. You could get a 660 or 7870 for less and see some improvement.

    So my recommendation is if you have a 2GB 560ti and can find another in the $160-$180 range, go ahead and SLI. If you have the 1GB model, either hold off on upgrading or get this Sapphire 7870
  2. Okay so I should just get a new card then since mine is only a 1GB. It seems to play BF3 decently but I just want to step it up a notch or two.

    How much do you think I could get for my current card?

    Core Clock: 850 MHz
    Processor Cores: 384
    Processor Clock: 1700 MHz
    Texture Fill Rate: 54.4 Billion/sec.
    Memory Amount: 1024MB GDDR5
    Memory Data Rate, effective: 4104 MHz
    Memory Interface: 256-bit
    Memory Bandwidth: 131.33 GB/sec.
  3. you can get a 2gig 660 for around $200. you can get a 660ti for about $260. both would be tons better than the 560.

    don't try and sli them. don't buy another hoping to use one for physx. big wast of money. there's such a difference in the cards you would be amazed over what you have now.

    you could get one of the 660's ( or ti's ) and use the 560 for physx if you wanted. I think that would be the better path if you needed to alleviate stress on one of the "new" cards.
  4. You can get for ~260$ a 660 ti (it's better than two 560 ti in SLI, two 560ti equals a 580gtx when it works, the 660 ti is better than the 580 gtx) :

    You can put the 560 ti as physX card.

    But i recommend selling it(if possible) and get a 670 gtx :
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