WIN 98 Setup Hangs at 99%

I have successfully installed a new 40GB Maxtor 7200 rpm drive & got the UDMA/100 IDE controller with it. The drive installed correctly.

I am attempting to install from the full WIN98 CD and
everything goes fine until it goes into "Copying Windows 98 files to your computer."

It gets up to 99% and then stops. The mouse is still active, but everything else seems to be locked out.

I got up to 93% the first time, but after 2 subsequent tries it will still only go to 99%

Any ideas what is going on?
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  1. I should have mentioned this - I am using a Celeron 400 and a Tyan motherboard with Award BIOS.

    Possibly it's something set wrong with my cache? It was quite a trip just figuring out the BIOS settings needed for the UDMA card / 40GB Maxtor let alone the rest of this!

    I can't even get into safe mode with only 99% installed files. It says himem.sys is missing at the moment,,,

    Really appreciate the help - thanks in advance!!

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