Disk partitioning during install

How robust is the Windows 7 installers disk partitioner?

For example, will it allow me to specify the number and size of my primary, extended, and logical partitions during install?

The alternative would be to boot with a live Linux CD and use gparted.


-Gak Toid
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  1. actually, i never messed with it, but i did see a bunch of nice options to partition when i formatted/installed Win 7. I wonder if i could use the install disk to do the same like GParted...
  2. Windows 7 intallation / partition is actually very good considering most people will never see it as its only useable during the initial installation.

    I split my 2 x 1gb Spinpoint F3's using the partition tool as part of the installation and it works very well allowing you to change size and type of partition.

    I dont think that using the boot disk after you have installed windows will allow you to change partition sizes etc... but could be wrong.
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