Thermaltake sopranors 101 motherboard issues


I just invested quite a bit of money in a Soprano RS 101, upgrading my case from the Asus Essentio, so that I could expand, add a few case mods, and a SSD. After two hours I was able to get power (the motherboard light was on but the unit would NOT turn on), after some jumper enjoyment I was able to get the red LED in the front to display. THe unit still would not power on however.

Finally out of NOWHERE after messing with the jumpers again it booted up just fine. I went to begin cloning the SSD as the source fro the original HDD and within a few minutes the unit powered off and hasn't turned on since. I work at Geek Squad and tried EVERYTHING. Are there any suggestions or should I just return this thing?
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  1. you work at geek squad and you cant build or fix a pc? :sarcastic:
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    mcnumpty23 said:
    you work at geek squad and you cant build or fix a pc? :sarcastic:

    I applied to Geek Squad right out of college to get some supplemental income while I was working on getting a real job. They never called me back, I'm guessing my degree made me massively overqualified. It's not like they're hiring the best they can find, they want somebody they can pay slightly over minimum wage.
  3. I almost forgot when I posted this. Yea Geek Squad allows you a fundamental 'learn the basics' bit of training, the rest is sales and how to get stupid people to buy your services. You don't learn anything about building machines or repairing, rather than replacing hardware. I'm chuckling looking back at this because I've built many machines since then, and could've solved my own problem had I the knowledge I gained everywhere BUT GeekSquad.
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