1x projector or 3x 32" TVs or 3x 23" monitors for gaming? (low budget)

Hi, I'm completely new to building a gaming system with more than a single monitor, I've been watching some videos on Youtube and find it very interesting. But I don't know what would be better, a projector, 3x 42" TVs, or 3x 23" monitors and I only have a little money so I need a low budget solution. Please help me plan.

(I'm in Asia and at my place electronic stuff are more pricey, also please excuse my bad English.)

- Gaming: FPS (Battlefield 3), Space Sim (EVE Online, triple boxing), Air Combat Sim, Racing, Strategy, MMORPG...
- Watching movies (not 3D, 3D monitors/projectors are too expensive)
- Graphics editing + coding: Flash with ActionScript 3, Photoshop... (but this is optional since I don't usually work at home)

What I already have:
- MB: Z77 MPower
- CPU: i7 3770K 3.5Ghz @4.2Ghz (stock fan 76C, no liquid cooling)
- GPU: ASUS GTX 670 DC2T (72C, makes weird sound at system boot up)
- RAM: Corsair 8GB/2133 Dominator Platinum
- SSD: OCZ 128GB Vertex 4
- PSU: Corsair GS 600W
- Monitor: U2312HM 23"
- Money: $2000 ~ $2200

What I'm planning to do:
- The GPU makes weird sound so I'm afraid it's going to fail soon as some negative feedback stated on Neweggs, so I'm going to sell it for $475 (bought at $535, 1 month old). Then I will buy a MSI GTX 680 Lightning for $725. ($1750 left)
- Buy another MSI GTX 680 Lightning for $725 so I can have enough power to run 3x1080p. ($1025 left)
- Because it's two 680, I will also need to upgrade my PSU: sell GS 600W for $55 (bought at $87.5, 5 months old), buy a Corsair HX 1050W for $210. ($870 left)
- Buy 2 more U2312HM's for $200 each. ($470 left)
- Buy a Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker for $350. ($120 left, or maybe $200 left)
- If it's $200 left then I will go for a H100i liquid CPU cooler and OC to 4.6Ghz for hopefully somewhat frame rate improvement.

- TVs: Bigger, but not good readability (this could be a problem for games with lots of text like EVE Online), also may have bigger bezels than the U2312HM (1.6cm). Maybe I can only afford $400 to $500 for each TV so they wouldn't be very nice either (as far as I searched, the higher the price, the smaller the bezels). I also would consider removing the cover/case of those TVs for smaller bezels, but that will void the warranty.
- Projector: Very big screen, truly borderless, but maybe less surround-alike since I would be able to afford only one unit (projectors are crazily expensive at my place, at least 40% more expensive than in the USA) and because of that it would defeat the advantage of being borderless, also projectors are not as durable as TVs or monitors.

So that's my current plan, but I don't know if I should adjust it to replace monitors with 32" TVs, or a projector.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. you are selling a graphics card you think is faulty?

    and not sending it back under warranty?
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    you are selling a graphics card you think is faulty?

    and not sending it back under warranty?

    ^--- +1

    I suppose if the warranty is transferable and any perspective buyers are made aware of exactly why you're selling, I guess it's ok. Otherwise, send it back to the manufacturer and get it fixed/replaced or, check with the seller. It may still be under their return policy (if any).

    As for your question, you probably don't have a large enough budget for a 1080p projector, even if you cancel the purchase of the second GTX680. Size isn't everything when it comes to gaming (though I wouldn't consider anything other than a projector for watching movies/sporting events). Projectors also require a lot of room (throw distance). If you're not set up for it, it'd be wasted.

    Too many issues can arise from using HDTVs as monitors. I've seen HDTVs advertised as 1080p, but if the source video comes from a PC, it drops down to 720p. My own 32" 720p HDTV has had issues running a 720p resolution from my PC and not losing signal.

    Your best bet would be to go with three actual monitors for the least amount of headaches.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thank you for the quick response!

    I'm just guessing something is wrong with it, I'm unsure if the weird sound comes from the card. I just don't think it would last long and I'm kind of lazy bringing it to the warranty service and wait for like a week for fixing a maybe-nonexist-issue. So I think selling it would be faster, since that sound is weird to me because I did hear how "smooth" it was like at the first days, but someone who may buy it from me wouldn't think it weird they would think it's supposed to be like that, and maybe it's actually supposed to be, I'm not sure, never owned a 670 before, if anything goes wrong then they can still bring it to the warranty service though.

    Oh I didn't know about the issue of dropping down to 720p, thanks a lot, maybe I will bring a laptop to test those TVs before buying them, if I would buy them.

    It could be troublesome going TVs indeed, but I think its worth it, size does matter to me since the day I watched that guy playing on 3x 47" TVs...

    Anyways, would you please recommend some thin bezel 32" TVs with the price below $500 each?



    I just read some reviews about the LM7600 series, they seem to have the smallest bezels for the price:

    A 42" costs $1200 at my place. That's expensive but its bezel does look sexy to me. And also it's a 3D HDTV, never had one before, so I don't know if it's worth the price. If I buy it then I will be able to purchase only one MSI GTX 680 Lightning, which I think can play BF3 at ~100fps 1080p, dunno if it's enough for running 3D vision, I heard the minimum requirement for 3D vision is 120fps, I might have to turn off AA.
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