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EVGA GTX 660 FTW Sig2, Strange failures and black screen

i7 920
asus p6t deluxe v2
660 ftw sig 2
3x2gig ocz reaper 1600mhz
Kingston hyper-x 120gig ssd
windows 8, 64 bit

So the other day I received my new 660. I installed the drivers and everything worked great that night, i played a few hours of far cry 3 with good performance. The next day I read that the beta driver 310.70 would improve performance, so when i got home from work I installed it. After I installed it, my gpu began to constantly crash, even under 0 load at the desktop, and also during games. The screen just goes black, sometimes for a second, sometimes for longer. If it doesn't come back on I unplug the hdmi from the card and reinsert it, this brings the picture back up. Sometimes I get a display driver crash error, sometimes something about a kernel, sometimes a watchdog bluescreen.

I have tried everything. Completely uninstalled drivers, tried different drivers, ext. I finally went as far as re-installing windows 8, still no change. It was even flashing black while booted to the windows install disk, while I was formatting my drive. I put my old gtx 275 back in, things work fine. I put the 660 in my computer at work, and it seems like it works fine, although i didnt have the drivers installed, nor did I put much stress on it.

I don't know what else to try, It cant be software if re-installing windows didn't help. Firmware maby? I have already began the RMA process but I really dont want to send it back because I wont get a new one until January. Any ideas?
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  1. which psu u have?
  2. 750 watt pc power and cooling silencer
  3. let me tell u watch blue screen come only n only if cpu overheats 200per ent sure coz i met with this watchdog
  4. r u using genuine ur cabby clean no dust
  5. Genuine 64 bit windows 8

    water-cooled i7 @ stock (33 degrees at 100% load)

    Completely clean

    I talked to evga yesterday and the guy said that newer series cards are sensitive to voltage consistency. He thinks that my power supply might be delivering enough power, but it could be spiking or dipping below the 12V mark. On PC Wizard it looks like its averaging 11.6V on the 12V rail, I think this could be the problem however I have no way of testing it, and I don't want to buy a PSU without being certain...
  6. may u can check by borrowing
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    If the voltage on the +12 Volt rail dips below +11.40 Volts or above +12.60 Volts then it is running outside of spec.

    I still own a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad (S75QB). It died on me after about two and a half years of use so I RMA'd it back to OCZ to have it repaired. I don't use it currently. It's just a backup I use for troubleshooting purposes.
  8. Thanks ko, im getting a reading of about 11.6 in my bios the the 12v rail. I ended up trying the card in my buddies computer and there is a similar problem though, so im gonna RMA it. Just praying the new card works...
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