Is Nvidia 550 is enough for better gaming experiance?

Hello guys, I m having a budget for Nvidia550. So I want ask my tech friends is that enough to play latest games.
I am having following config
AMD Fx-4100
Asus M5a88m
4 gb corsair
1 tb seagate

please let me know if I add nvidia 550 is that match the best quality games requirements.
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  1. you wont get "best" quality gaming since its a mid-end video card meaning you wont be able to have all of the eye candy turned on and have smooth framerate
    when it comes to determinign what video card you need you have to tell us what resolution you will be gaming on, the higher the resolution the more power you need and also you need to get a power supply powerfull enough for the video card

    dont pick the fastest 8 core amd processor to have more budget for the video card. your build is not balanced with a beast processor and a mehh video card
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