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Windows 7 Freezes After Boot

I am struggling to fix my computer. It all started when I went to install an 3rd 1 TB drive to my computer. The computer seemed to boot up just fine, then once windows started to load, I got the BSOD. Now I have disconnected all the drives but the one my os is on.

When I load windows, I get a couple mins of use, then everything just freezes. I can work with safe mode a little, but it will randomly reboot after a few mins sometimes. I don't know what the problem could be. Here is what I have done/attempted so far.

Disconnect all unnecessary devices - no change
Ran a memory test - ok
Tried startup repair - it says it fixed a couple problems, but I have not noticed any changes
Ran a DiskCheck - Fixed a couple bad clusters, but I have not noticed any changes
Swapped PSU with one I know works - No changes
Right now I am running a virus scan, I'll post later what the results were.

I have attempted to do a system restore, but windows keeps crashing before it completes it.

System Specs:
Windows 7 x64
AMD Athlon II x4 635
MSI 880GMA-E45
8 GB DDR3 RAM (4x2GB)
Saphire Radeon HD 5450

Thanks in advance for your help
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    "Ran a DiskCheck - Fixed a couple bad clusters, but I have not noticed any changes"
    I would run the Hard drive manufacturers test on that hard drive- bad sectors and windows 7 - not like XP, even Vista will play up like this with bad sectors. It has come up at times when I had similae problems- Possible to get away with it, if you dual boot- Xp on first, then new partition, and load windows 7 on that partition, giving you a chance to miss the worn bit on the drive.
  2. Thanks for your advice baklogic. I downloaded and burned a bootable disc of 2 versions of the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software which were supposed to be for my drive, but both versions give me the error 0132, which means that I have the wrong software for that drive. Does anyone know of a version that will work with my drive? My model is: WD1002FAEX.
  3. Ok. I was able to install the Windows version of the program, and ran the test. The quick test showed no errors, but completely froze my computer for a couple mins. I did the long test, and it instantly came up with an error: cable test failed! Please check the cable. I will reboot and try the test again.
  4. Running the Western Digital hard drive check on my hard drive while in safe mode found nothing. I am pretty much out of ideas. The computer seems stable now in safe mode, but only lasts about ten mins in regular mode.

    On a side note, my motherboard beeps when I first start it up, as it counts the RAM. After it gets to 3328 MB, it pauses counting for a sec, and when it continues the beep stops. The beep isn't as loud as a POST beep, but it is coming from the motherboard. This started when I installed the new HDD.
  5. I am just going to reinstall windows 7 and hope for the best.
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